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This blog is the place where I share with you my personal interests: Trips, towns of Argentina, interesting places of the Buenos Aires metropolitan area, history, photography and aviation.

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Shincal of Quimivil: The Southernmost capital of the Inca Empire.

When you think about the Inca Empire the sacred city of Machu Picchu in immediately comes to mind, of course. But Peru is not the only country with important Inca cities. In fact, the shouthermost capital of the Inca Empire was located in Catamarca, Argentina. Shincal is located near Londres city, in Catamarca. His name…

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Ateneo Grand Splendid: A theatre that became a bookshop.

Still in the XXI Century we can say that Argentines love reading. And Buenos Aires, the capital, is a city which is full of bookstores. In fact, there’s an event performed every year, called «The Night of the Bookstores»: stores are open all night long offering special promotions, the opportunity to meet and chat with…

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Visit to Merced del Estero Winery, in San Juan

When you visit Argentina, you know that there are good wines to be tested. For sure you will think about Mendoza, the most famous region producing wines in the country. Maybe you also know about Cafayate, in the North. But the truth is that most of the provinces of the Andes area are producers of…

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A Stop at Puente del Inca, Mendoza

Puente del Inca (Inca Bridge in English) is an amazing geological formation located near the border between Chile and Argentina, and it is one of the most famous natural tourist attractions in the province of Mendoza. This rock formation is so particular because it forms a natural bridge over the Las Cuevas River. The real…

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The impressive Randofo’s Dunes.

The Provincial Route 43 connects the towns of Puerta de Corral Quemado, near Belén, and Antofagasta de la Sierra, a small and remote town in the middle of the catamarca’s puna. I already told you about this route in this other post you can read clicking here, but today I want to focus on one…

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Visit to the Niagara Falls (Canadian Side).

Located in the South East of Canada, the Niagara River drains Lake Erie into Lake Ontario. At a certain point of the watercourse, which also is the border between United States and Canada, are located the most famous waterfalls in the world. With a vertical drop of around 62 meters and a flow rate of…

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