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Ahicito Nomás Blog

Ahicito Nomás was born in May 2014, and 7 months later it was moved to this new platform.

The aim of this blog is to share with all of you my personal interests: national and international travel, Argentine towns, history, photography and aviation. And of course, to enjoy writting it, as much as I hope you enjoy reading it.

Why an English edition?

In November 2018 I joined a corporate training with other leaders of the company I work for. During a dinner, one of them, James, encouraged me to start writting the blog in both, English and Spanish. This, of course, would increase the quantity of persons reading the blog. But it would also be an excellent tool to provide tourist information about my country to colleagues and friends from all over the world, and to anyone interested in visiting Argentina.

That’s why you will find 3 main tags in the English edition. BUENOS AIRES AREA for all those posts related to the Argentine capital and its surroundings. REST OF ARGENTINA for all those post with information about travel in my country but beyond Buenos Aires, and REST OF THE WORLD for posts related to international travel.

Some things to keep in mind: Not all original posts in Spanish have their equal in English. And each English post may have a Spanish equivalent, but it’s not just a simple translation. Posts in English are written thinking of people who do not know Argentina or our culture. So, when I thing that there’s something that would be nice to explain in a deeper way, or details that I think might be interesting , both version of a post may have different content. Anyway, no matter what language you read, the spirit of this blog is the same: share information, show pictures and make you fall in love with places you dont know yet, but that after reading Ahicito Nomas, you would love to visit.

The Autor

I am an international trade professional working in the forwarding business, specifically air cargo. I love traveling, meeting new people and their culture. I also love airplanes, aviation, photography, literature and history. This blog is a way to mix all of this.

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