Visit to Merced del Estero Winery, in San Juan

When you visit Argentina, you know that there are good wines to be tested. For sure you will think about Mendoza, the most famous region producing wines in the country. Maybe you also know about Cafayate, in the North. But the truth is that most of the provinces of the Andes area are producers of very good wines.

The province of San Juan is one of them. There you will find the tourist circuit called «The Wine Route»: A group of wineries located in different areas of the province. The Valley of Tulum is one of those areas, and it’s very close to the city center: just 20 minutes by car. There you will find the Winery Merced del Estero.

Merced del Estero is a family winery, which produces high quality wines since ending the 19° Century. They own currently two terroirs, located at 800 and 1200 meters above see level, approximately. The grapes used to produce the Mil Vientos wines come from there.

The winery basically produces two kind of wines: The Mil Vientos are younger wines. And the Mil Vientos Criado en Barrica are slowly aged in wooden barrels wines, with stronger flavors. Additionally, the winemaker is in charge of mixing the best wines each year, to create a very special mix called Merced del Estero Gran Corte.

How to visit the winery is your choice. The standard visit includes a tour of the facilities and a Mil Vientos wines tasting. If you choose the high end tour, the wines you will be tasting are the Mil Vientos Criado en Barrica and the Merced del Estero Gran Corte, accompanied by French cheeses. Other tasting options are accompanied by regional products and even with chocolate.

If you want to visit the winery, you may need to book a tour To do so, you can check the following link to the official Instagram profile, where you will be able to find the right contact information.

The winery address is: Av. Morón 432 (sur), Rivadavia, San Juan.

I hope you enjoy the visit (and the good wines from San Juan)!

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